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Digital PR & ORM

Backed By Strong Storytelling Techniques

Public Relation is one of the evergreen modes of Mass communication. It breathes life into your Brand bridging the gap between the business and its potential customers. But Implementing a PR Strategy is like walking on a tight rope between Strategy, Persuasion, Creativity and Technology. And Squash is known for doing exactly the same in the best possible way. 

We build up a regular rhythm of PR activities towards the creation of goodwill and Brand Image. We know exactly how to develop a cordial relationship between the Brand and its targeted audience. By using multimedia channels, Squash promotes your products or services to cultivate a positive public perception.

Impactful Digital PR & ORM Offerings: 

Adcent Media offers the following Digital PR & ORM Services:

  • Brand Launch & Recognition Strategy
  • Reputation Management 
  • Crisis Communication & Brand Positioning
  • Digital PR & Strategy
  • Media Outreach & Progress Report

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