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How To Improve Brand Awareness Of Your eCommerce Startup?

How To Improve Brand Awareness Of Your eCommerce Startup?

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E-commerce is a competitive industry and enhancing brand awareness is not as easy as it sounds. There are over thousands of businesses that are seeking ways to build a strong online presence to make their business recognized by their customers.

As a business marketer, investing in content marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services should be your top priority. You can do this by hiring a leading digital marketing company in NCR which offers the best digital marketing services. Investing in these services is like planting a seed. If you focus on creating high-quality content, it will sustain longer.

Delivering a tremendous customer experience is the key to establishing relationships with the targeted customers. It will help you enhance brand awareness for your eCommerce store and build a strong online presence. According to Emplifi, more than 74% of consumers are at least somewhat likely to make purchasing decisions based on the customer experience.

Top 7 Methods To Improve Brand Awareness For eCommerce Startup

There are tons of ways to create and enhance brand awareness, but here are some of the best methods you can start with:

1.     Leverage The Power Of Social Media

First of all, you need to promote your online store on all social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Social media marketing can generate organic results and help you maintain customer relationships, while also allowing you to grow your customer base.

Research states that most people learn about a brand because it was mentioned by a friend on social media. Here, hiring a social media marketing agency in NCR will be worth it. The experienced professionals will guide you through all the aspects of social media and how it can your eCommerce business grow.

2.     Invest In Paid Marketing

As a new business owner, you can’t expect to make hundreds and thousands of sales on the very first day. However, if you have a decent budget, investing in paid ads will be your right decision. Paid marketing is the best way to enhance brand awareness, boost sales, build relationships with the customers.

But before you invest in paid ads, you need to research the platform where you’re going to run the ads. You need to research on which platform your targeted audience is more engaged, and accordingly run the ad on that platform. For example, Instagram has more buyers than Facebook, then the wise step should be to run a paid ad on Instagram.

3.     Try Email Marketing

Email marketing is often overlooked by business marketers, but the truth is it can deliver much better results than any other platform.

The best way to leverage email marketing is by offering a coupon, free eBook, or discount on the first order in exchange for the visitor’s email. Once you have the customer’s email, you can send marketing emails only when you have something valuable to offer. Never send bulk emails as most people don’t appreciate sales emails.

4.     Improve Your SEO Strategy

SEO plays a crucial role to enhance the brand’s exposure online and brand awareness. It involves getting your content ranked on search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. You can use keyword research tools, such as SEMrush and Moz to find the relevant keywords in your specific industry.

You can improve your SEO strategy by:

  • Researching keywords in your industry and content categories
  • Create content around these keywords
  • Add these keywords in the headline, body, image titles of your post.

Remember, don’t stuff keywords in your content, otherwise, Google will penalize you for this.

5.     Value Your Customers

Attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones is one of the biggest challenges of the eCommerce industry. Customers appreciate when they’re valued by a brand. Demonstrating your value to customers can help boost customer retention.

When you value your customers, it eliminates the need to look elsewhere for other businesses to satisfy their needs.

That said, here are some of the best ways to demonstrate your value to customers:

  • Send handwritten thank-you letters
  • Feature them in your newsletter or social media
  • Offer exclusive benefits
  • Give timely responses
  • Ask for feedback

Valuing your customers will help you retain the existing ones, enhance brand awareness, and opens up new opportunities to grow your customer base.

6.     Influencer Marketing

If you’re continually struggling to reach your targeted customers, you can try reaching them through their favorite creators and influencers. You can start an influencer marketing brand awareness campaign by finding influencers in your specific industry and reaching out to them with partnership ideas.

You can find the right influencer by searching relevant keywords on social platforms and sifting through the post for influencer content.

Once you have found the right influencer to market your products, you can gift them free products in exchange for reviews.

7.     Start A Referral Program

The best way to enhance brand awareness is by introducing a referral program. It helps more people to better know your business. Referral programs benefit both the brand and the customers.

For businesses, it boosts the organic traffic on the site. For customers, they have the opportunity to share their love for a brand with their friends and relatives without offering any discount or coupon code.

It is a word-of-mouth practice where your existing customers can motivate their friends to visit your website and make a purchase.


Enhancing brand awareness is not going to get easier anytime soon. But, with the above-mentioned strategies, you can enhance your brand's online exposure and grow your customer base. As a business owner, keep implementing new strategies and find out which best works for you.

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