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10 Hidden Tactics For High-Quality Backlinks To Increase Your Search Rankings

10 Hidden Tactics For High-Quality Backlinks To Increase Your Search Rankings

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If you’re wondering why your website isn’t getting much traffic, then you must focus on implementing the best backlink building strategy to increase search rankings.


But what are backlinks?


A backlink is also known as an “inbound link” which links to your website from external high authority sources.


For instance, website X has an external link to website Y, so website Y has a backlink from website X. When a user clicks on that link, they’ll land on website Y.


Building backlinks is a powerful SEO strategy that every business marketer must implement to get higher rankings. You can hire an SEO company in NCR, which specializes in backlink building services. The experienced professionals will help you enhance your backlink building strategy to increase your website’s visibility on search engines.


That said, here we will discuss some of the best backlink building techniques which will help your website to get higher rankings in search engines.

10 Hidden Techniques For Backlink Building Strategy


1.    Create Link-Worthy Content

Creating informational content is not essential, but is a must. When you post high-quality and informational content, bloggers and industry leaders will approach you to link back to your site by creating your content.


However, you can’t just write anything and post it, you need to earn those backlinks by posting high-quality and link-worthy content.


2.    Guest Posting

Another powerful backlink building strategy is ‘guest posting’. Guest posting is a practice where you can distribute free content to the blog owners in exchange for a backlink for your site. These links can be placed in the author bio section or within the blog.


The first step in guest posting is to choose a worthy site where you can contribute and get high-quality links. If you found a site that accepts free article submissions within your niche, then it is a good start.


3.    Create Infographics

Writing an in-depth article or long-form content is great, but you should never overlook the importance of infographics.


These are the graphical representations of information or data used to present knowledge quickly. Infographics are the most shared content formats online. To create infographics, you don’t have to be a pro graphic designer. Instead, you can use free online tools, such as Canva, Piktochart, etc.


4.    Leverage Quora

Quora is a question-answer-based platform where you can get a backlink just by answering the user’s queries.


This is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks and enhance your backlink building strategy.


You can start by creating a free account, then search for the questions related to your niche. Once you have found the relevant question, then simply answer it and add a link back to your website within your answer.


5.    Broken Link Building

Site owners always adjust, move or change their web pages and content. Hence, links to those sites will break, which is known as ‘broken link’.


You might have noticed while visiting a website that displays ‘404 error’ or ‘page not found.' It means that the website has a broken link or the page doesn’t exist. This can affect the user’s experience and search engines won’t able to crawl and index the webpage.


However, with the broken link-building technique, you can earn valuable links back to your site.


The process of broken link building is as follows:


  • Identify the broken links
  • Research the content they were linking to
  • Create 2x quality content than the site
  • Reach out to the site owner to replace the broken links by linking to your content.


6.    Share Other’s Content On Your Site

Often, you get backlinks by posting informational and quality content on your site. But you can also use other people’s content on your site to get backlinks.


It doesn’t mean to copy people’s content. The primary aim of sharing others’ content is to make quality content available to other site owners for free. This is the best backlink building strategy to get more backlinks to your site.


7.    Give Testimonials

When you avail a service from any company, they’ll ask for testimonials to put on their webpage to show customer success stories.


What you can do is, give them valuable feedback and ask them to give a backlink to your site. Make sure to get a backlink from a site whose domain authority (DA) is above 60.


8.    Build Profile Links

Profile backlink building strategy is a process where you can sign up on sites, create your profile, and provide a link to your website.


Many online platforms have an online community that lets their users create a public profile where you can feature links to your site and social media channels.


9.    Submit Your Site To Start-up Directories

There are tons of directories that allow site owners to submit their site and get a backlink. For example, BetaList is a directory that is focused especially on new site owners. However, the listing is free, but you need to pay a small fee to ensure that your startup remains listed last longer.


10. Promote Your Content

Writing content isn’t enough – you need to promote it so that it can reach a wider audience.


Here are some of the ways to enhance your backlink building strategy and promote your content:


  • Send your published post to your subscribers through email
  • Share on social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
  • Share it as a presentation on SlideShare


As long as your content is valuable, other site owners will want to link back to your web page.


Creating high-quality backlinks from reputable sites is crucial to getting higher rankings in search engines.


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